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Home textiles have great market prospects

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Home textiles have great market prospects

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China has a huge global consumer population, and the huge consumption potential of the home textile products market will be released. In the next few years, China's home textile market is expected to increase by 200 billion to 300 billion yuan net. Household textiles, as one of the three major product areas of the textile industry, have made rapid progress since 2000, with an average annual growth rate of more than 20%. In 2002, the output value of the domestic textile industry in China was about 300 billion yuan, which rose to 363 billion yuan in 2003 and 435.6 billion yuan in 2004. According to the data released by the China Household Textile Industry Association, in 2006, the whole society of our country The output value of Huijia textile industry is about 654 billion yuan, up 20% compared with 2005.

In 2005, the output value of China's home textile industry reached 545 billion yuan, an increase of 21% over that of 2004. From the point of view of resource consumption, the output value of home textile industry only accounts for 23% of the total textile output value of the whole country, but the consumption of domestic textile industry in the whole country accounts for 1/3 of the textile industry, and more than 1/9 of the world's fiber consumption. In 2005, the output value of household textiles in famous textile towns exceeded 10 billion yuan, and Haining, a famous textile town in Zhejiang Province, exceeded 15 billion yuan. Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Shanghai and Guangzhou, the five provinces and cities where the home textile industry cluster is located, are the top five exporters of home textiles. The export volume of the five provinces and cities accounts for 80.04% of the total export volume of domestic textiles in China. Zhejiang's home textile industry has developed rapidly, with the total export volume of home textiles reaching 3.809 billion US dollars, accounting for 26.86% of the total export volume of domestic textiles in China.

According to the survey of China Home Textile Industry Association, there is still a huge room for development in China's home textile market. According to the textile consumption of developed countries, clothing, household and industrial textiles account for one third, while China's proportion is 65:23:12. According to the standards of most developed countries, clothing consumption and household textiles consumption expenditure should be basically equal, as long as the household textile producers. For every percentage point increase in average consumption, China's annual demand will increase by more than 30 billion yuan. With the improvement of people's material living standard, the modern home textile industry will have more growth.

China has 600 billion household textile market, but has not yet formed a few real leading brands. Similarly, this over-decentralized market situation is more prominent in the pillow market. Due to the promising market prospects, enterprises flocked to brand, the average profit of Chinese textile enterprises is only 6%.

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