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Introduction of bedding related knowledge

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Introduction of bedding related knowledge

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(1) Different bedding fabrics, washing methods should also be different, to carefully read the washing instructions on the bedding label. The washing steps are as follows: first, neutral detergent is stirred and melted in water less than 30 degrees, and then the articles that need to be washed are put into it; before washing, soak for about 10-15 minutes, then rinse; after washing, the bed products should be suspended and dried, but not exposed to the sun for a long time.

(2) When washing pillow cores or bedding products with core, it is better to wash them by drum washing machine or hand; when the newly purchased bedding is first cleaned, it is better to wash it weakly with clean water, not with bleaching agent; when cleaning bedding sets with printing patterns, sometimes there will be floating color phenomenon, which is a normal phenomenon.

(3) Bedding should be washed clean during the season change, stored in a dry place after drying, and aired regularly in areas with higher humidity in the south. Bedding is generally not easy to be dirty, easy to clean and maintain, but the washing and maintenance methods of different fabrics are quite different. Before washing and maintenance, we should check the washing marks of each product.

(4) When collecting bedding, we should pay attention to the storage of dark and light-colored fabrics separately, fold neatly when collecting, and put appropriate amount of camphor pills into cotton fabrics to prevent mildew-eaten bedding. However, camphor balls should not be put on silk and wool fabrics in order to avoid yellowing of the fabrics; they should be placed in a place with appropriate humidity and good ventilation.

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