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Four Essentials and Three Essentials of Home Textile Products Maintenance

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Four Essentials and Three Essentials of Home Textile Products Maintenance

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First, often clean the pillowcases and sheets of bedding. It is easy to bring dust and bacteria to bedding when you lie on them after a day of fatigue. Especially pillows, few people wash their hair every day when the weather is cold. As a result, pillows are dirty. Frequent cleaning is necessary not only to remove dirt and bacteria, but also to maintain the life and comfort of bedding.

Second, for autumn and winter, bedding is not often washed. We must keep the four sets of bedding clean and tidy, and don't throw the clothes on the bed at will. It's better to go to bed after washing every day. Don't let pets run to beds with pets. You can also wear a hat at night without washing your hair.

Third, we often change the direction of quilt or sheet. Generally speaking, our sleeping posture is relatively fixed, which can easily lead to the pressure on the bed and the different range of use, leading to local wrinkles or discoloration of the bed. Every three months or so, if it is double-sided AB, it can also be used in reverse. Balance the use of bedding.

Fourth, dampness does great harm to the goods. Especially for textile products, it is very aggressive. Therefore, to keep the bed dry is an important link to ensure its life and comfort. When you don't sleep, you often open the window to breathe, which can change the air in the room and make the bedding breathe, killing two birds with one stone.

No. 1: Do not expose to the sun when cleaning beds. Everyone knows the principle of thermal expansion and contraction. It is easy to let the quilt expand when exposed to the sun or sun for too long. If it is cotton bedding, it will also cause the quilt to fall off. If silk is exposed to the sun for a long time, it will deteriorate and break. Like other wool and feathers, don't expose to the sun. Just put it in a ventilated place for a few hours.

Second, do not: in the sun, it is better to take out the filled items, so that the quick effect of the sun is also good. For some of the more privileged and inappropriate direct like can be covered with a layer of thin yarn. It can protect against high temperature damage.

Three don't: slapping hard in the sun is an old tradition of our country. In the past, the reason for doing so was that most quilts were cotton and there were not so many noble fabrics. Nowadays, you can't slap hard when slapping. Four sets of cotton bed products are also better than in the past. Strong beating can easily break the cotton fibers. Such as silk can not do so. Fold well after sunshine. Don't overload the layers. Keep it as natural as possible.

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