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Notices for Buying Bedding

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Notices for Buying Bedding

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1. Look up the label and see the package. Each product of the genuine product is packaged with a description of its model, washing method and fabric texture. For those products with incomplete, non-standard, inaccurate product labels, rough packaging, blurred printing, or without labels, or with different labels, consumers should be cautious or unsuitable to buy.

2. Check the appearance and look at the workmanship. The product with good quality has clean and tidy surface, smooth and even cloth surface, fine texture, clear printing and even sewing. Some products, though cheap, may be stained on the surface, uneven cloth, sparse texture, disordered patterns, rough sewing, and some important indicators will change accordingly.

3. Smell and distinguish texture. When consumers choose and purchase bedding, they can also smell if there is any "odor". If there is a pungent taste, there may be formaldehyde residues, not to buy. When choosing color, light color system should also be selected as far as possible, so that the risk of formaldehyde and color fastness exceeding the standard will be less.

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