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How to buy wedding bedding?

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How to buy wedding bedding?

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This time, I want to tell you well about what kind of bedding to buy, what particular, what doors, if these questions have troubled you, the following is your answer.

They all say that bedding is a matter of character. Do you think that the purchase of newlyweds'bedding is only a small part of marriage preparation?


First, it's an object that comes into close contact with the body, and it can't be done at all.

Second, when greeting or receiving relatives, open the door and sweep into the marriage bed at first sight, which can not be ignored.

So, how to choose a new package? How to choose, in order to be suitable for the new marriage room, but also can not be stereotyped?

1. First of all, there is no standard answer, or it depends on the demand, because besides four sets and eight sets, there are six sets and ten sets.

Four sets are a quilt cover, a sheet and two pillow covers. If you think the bedding for the wedding will definitely not be used in the future, just buy four sets.

Six sets include a quilt cover, a sheet, two pillowcases and two pillows. There are two pillows. It looks like the bed will be a little lively.

Eight sets, the choice of new people will be more. Generally includes two pillowcases, two pillowcases, a quilt, a bedspread (sheet), a small round pillow and a quilt cover, eight sets of items contain more complete, save effort.

Ten sets can be used for one year. Generally, there are two summer pillows, two winter pillows, two pillows, one grandchild pillow, one sheet, one quilt cover and one bedspread.

2. In addition to looking at the style and design, we should also pay attention to these aspects of bed products:


Common is pure cotton, silk, pure cotton has a variety of weaving methods, pure cotton satin feel and gloss is better.

Silk generally refers to mulberry silk. It feels very smooth, but it is too delicate to handle. It is not recommended unless there is money and leisure.

Hand feeling

Many wedding bedding products, the embroidery decoration on the top is more, it is best to feel the soft degree of slippery, more hard words, it is recommended not to buy.


When buying bedding products, pay attention to see if there are fixed elastic bands on the back of the sheet. Some brides reflect that they buy sheets without fixed straps, people lie on them, sheets follow, it is easy to wrinkle.

3. Make the bed for the new couple one day before the date of greeting. It's usually morning or morning, not afternoon.

The main process is to sweep the bed, lay the mandarin duck pillow, dragon and Phoenix quilt, and the most familiar should be "scattering the bed". When the bed is ready, it needs to be pressed.

Spreading accounts refers to spreading dried fruits such as peanuts, longan, lotus seeds, chestnuts and jujubes on the marriage bed, taking the life wish of "early childbearing, lotus-bearing and peanut seeds (both children and children)".

Bedside should be comfortable and can be stored. The comfort of our back and neck is determined by the hard and soft bedside and the straight inclination. If the head of the bed is soft, you can adjust the angle, which is the most comfortable.

Bedside cabinet with wheels. In the bedroom there are always trivial things to keep at hand, of course, there need to be a bedside cabinet. Nevertheless, we must check whether the hardware of the bedside cabinet is good or not, and whether it is smooth when pushing and pulling.

Designing table lamp. Bedroom lamp is indispensable, if the lamp can be set to the bedside, not only save the place for the lamp, but also reach out, easy to switch adjustment, without affecting rest.

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