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Fiber quilt is good or not. Should we buy it?

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Fiber quilt is good or not. Should we buy it?

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With the continuous development of society and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people begin to have a high demand for sleep quality. Quilt can be said to directly affect the quality of sleep bedding, quilt how to choose, household fiber quilt is not good, which is more and more people are concerned about.

Fiber quilt is the product of the development of science and technology. Nowadays, most of the fiber quilts on the market are synthetic chemical fiber products. Fiber quilt, soft and thick quilt, skin care silk quilt, soft and warm down quilt, is known as the fourth largest quilt material. So, how do we judge the quality of the quilt when we buy it?

As the most common quilt material, the quilt is widely used in life through synthetic fibers, because it is comfortable and breathable, not only strong and durable, with good elasticity, but also cost-effective characteristics, is the most choice when many people buy bedding. Our common fiber quilts are also divided into many different types, such as single-hole quilts, more seven-hole quilts, nine-hole quilts and so on.

As a synthetic chemical fiber material, fibers have good wrinkle resistance and good elasticity, so they are also widely used in some garment products. Moreover, the fibre products have stability, to a certain extent, can be used as a stable and unchangeable material to maintain the state of clothing.

Fiber as a quilt filler, the advantage is that the moisture absorption of the fiber quilt is good, the fiber material feels soft and smooth, and contact with our skin is non-irritating, so as a bed is a good choice. And fiber quilt is softer than cotton quilt and cheaper than silk quilt, which is the economic choice for home.

Of course, as synthetic chemical fibre products, the shortcomings of the quilt also need attention. Fiber quilt is a synthetic chemical fibre finger, which is not resistant to high temperature. If exposed to high temperature, it will leave some charred marks or some melting holes on the fibre products.

Fiber quilts have good hygroscopicity, but they are far from those of silk quilts. Fiber is covered for a long time, there will be a feeling of sultry. So generally in summer, it is better not to choose fiber quilt.

When we buy quilts, we should learn to distinguish the quality of quilts. When choosing the quilt, you can touch the fabric of the quilt with your hand. The quilt with high quality and high fiber content is very smooth and compact. If it feels foreign, the fibers are not purchased as much as possible. Because the quilt is in close contact with our skin, this is very important.

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