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What quilt is suitable for winter?

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What quilt is suitable for winter?

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Cold nights are long, and some people are afraid to sleep cold, covered with thick and heavy quilts to keep warm. In fact, too heavy cotton quilt cover in winter will affect the quality of sleep and health.

First of all, sleeping under thick quilt will make people feel oppressive and unable to relax their whole body, so they can not sleep soundly; secondly, in winter, fewer windows are opened, indoor oxygen content is relatively small, thick cotton quilt is pressed on the chest, which will cause slight hypoxia; thick cotton quilt is dusty, inhalation of respiratory tract will cause certain damage to respiratory mucosa, especially to people suffering from lung disease, which is more likely to cause disease recurrence; Thick cotton quilt has poor air permeability. Although it is warm in the evening, it will also open the pore and make it easier to get up the next day.

It's better to cover wool quilt or down quilt in winter. Wool is moisture-absorbed and breathable, has high thermal insulation and good elasticity, and is not easy to generate static electricity. It is very suitable for winter covers for people who are afraid of cold, weak and sweaty. The feather quilt is light, soft, hygroscopic and sweaty, and does not feel oppressive. It is suitable for all kinds of people, especially for hypertensive heart disease patients, people with poor blood circulation and the elderly, children and pregnant women. It's better to choose a goose down quilt with a velvet content of more than 50%. If a single goose down quilt is not warm enough, you can add a thin blanket on it.

In addition, the air circulation is poor in winter, so don't cover your mouth and nose with quilt at night to avoid breathing impediment; tuck around your body to avoid air leakage; and don't expose your shoulders and limbs to avoid cold. It is not recommended to sleep naked in winter, but the pajamas should not be too thick, otherwise it will affect the comfort. It is suggested to choose loose and hypertrophic pajamas, which is conducive to muscle relaxation and blood circulation. Fabrics are mainly natural fabrics, such as cotton and knitted fabrics with good air permeability and moisture absorption.

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