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Do not wash pillows, grow bacteria

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Do not wash pillows, grow bacteria

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We have close contact with pillows every day, but do you know that pillows that sleep every day may be the main cause of your insomnia? A pillow may contain 1 million fungi. Fungi in the pillow can invade the lungs and sinuses of people. If there are infectious diseases in the respiratory tract, digestive tract or head skin, bacteria and viruses will also be infected in the pillow core. When other people use this viral pillow, they become infected, causing respiratory diseases such as coughing.

According to statistics, about 2.6 million people in China die suddenly during night sleep every year, and unreasonable pillow is also an important factor causing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, cerebral hemorrhage, stroke and other dangerous diseases. Irrational pillows can cause cerebral ischemia, brain damage, and increased blood pressure, heart rate, make heart ischemia, hypoxia, and aggravate the disease and even cause death.

1. The correct way to wash pillows by hand

1. Use mild detergent for washing.

2. Put the pillow in the laundry powder solution and press the pillow with your hands continuously until it is washed out. The excess washing liquid must be squeezed out.

3. Pass clear water until the pillow is rinsed clean, and finally squeeze the excess water out.

4. Put the pillow flat and dry, so it will be more soft and fluffy.

2. What should we pay attention to when washing pillows by machine?

1. Wash with mild detergent.

2. Use a large washing machine to wash two pillows at the same time. If only one can be accommodated, it is better to add a towel to wash together to balance the flow of water.

3. If the pillow is dried, it will be easier to restore the original elasticity, and more soft and fluffy.

Note: Tea pillow tea core should not be cleaned, only once a week or two, nor should it be exposed to the sun! 

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